Yearly Archives - 2016

Jiraffe has a new version 1.2.0


We are very proud of this new version of Jiraffe!!! In this new version of Jiraffe there are many important and interesting changes such as:

  • New system to customize badges. Now you can configure a badge with rules, points, events, groups and also use JQL.
  • More flexibility to configure an adventure. You can add and remove all the users you want.
  • A new customization system for rules. You can obtain point with your own status.
  • More compatibility with JIRA 6.
  • An  improved system to upload images, without any kind of image limitation.
  • More information in the users view.
  • At the moment, Jiraffe is available in two languages, English and Spanish.
  • Added new events in the list of rules.

We will write a posts with more details about the most important features. Some of this features requires a for itself.

Jiraffe has a new version 1.1.6


After various months of intense work, we have updated a new version of our plugin for Jira, Jiraffe.

As you must have realised, we have done an enormous effort in changing the logo of Bug Potion and Jiraffe to something more modern, bright and lively.

Jiraffe’s new logo

This change of image is one of the main features of improvement in this new version.

We have a new logo for Jiraffe, that we think that you will like more than the previous.

Data Center Support

The second improvement that Jiraffe brings in this version is the support to data center. This is something that many of you have asked for it and that now we can offer.
Now you can also gamify with Jiraffe the new version with Jira for Datacenter.

New version of Jiraffe

It’s already available in the market place the new version of Jiraffe1.1.5.4. In this version:

  • We have solved the error with removed projects.
  • Compatibility from Jira 6.2 to 7.0.7.

We hope you enjoy with the addon and keep us informed with your opinions.