Jiraffe has a new version 1.2.0

Jiraffe has a new version 1.2.0


We are very proud of this new version of Jiraffe!!! In this new version of Jiraffe there are many important and interesting changes such as:

  • New system to customize badges. Now you can configure a badge with rules, points, events, groups and also use JQL.
  • More flexibility to configure an adventure. You can add and remove all the users you want.
  • A new customization system for rules. You can obtain point with your own status.
  • More compatibility with JIRA 6.
  • An  improved system to upload images, without any kind of image limitation.
  • More information in the users view.
  • At the moment, Jiraffe is available in two languages, English and Spanish.
  • Added new events in the list of rules.

We will write a posts with more details about the most important features. Some of this features requires a for itself.

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